Sabtu, 11 Juni 2016

Education to Built a Better Future For All

Education is one of the most important thing for a society to prosper to be safe. Education is made to built a character for someone. From education we will get knowledge. I think an ideal education system can make a good character of someone like change the bad habit to good habit. An ideal education must be given since we are young age. And i think an ideal education its like where the student can can enjoy their study while getting a lot from it, the student can have fun and enjoy the study. In this ideal education student don't have to learn what they're not interested because it can make the student stress and if the student not interested to that subject the student will lazy and make his subject fail or get bad grades. 

We have to balance our time to study, play, and pray to god. Because study,play, and pray is important. So we have to manage our time. For me, in Indonesia, the subject are too many so it can make the student stress. Yep! and this is where we have to manage our time as well as possible. If you  want to be a successful person, from now you have to manage your time, and you have to think when you grow old, what your goals? and from now you have to attempted and believe that you can do it. So don't giveeee up!

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