Jumat, 18 Desember 2015


On Thursaday, 15th December i went to Bumi Perkemahan Kiara Payung for camping. I went there by truck. We had a good time at the truck. The roadtrip to get there took 2 hours. And when we were arrived, we have to make a line for apel pembukaan and built a tent. And after that, we had a free time. The view was beautiful, so me and my friend took a picture.
The first acitivity, me and my group have to do a tali-temali for make a tandu. it so difficult, so i just saw my friend, because im lazy and its raining. After that, there is a contest for make a tandu. im just holding the bambu because i dont understand how to tali menali. After the contest we can take a bath.
After take a bath we have to cook.  I cant cook so i asked my friend to cook the food. In the night, we had a pensi. Pensi is pentas seni, so we have to perform. Me and my class performed singing. Were singing 'sahabat kecil' and the song of coboy junior 'kamu'. After that, we back to the tent and sleep.
The second day, i woke up and must to go to field for morning exercise. After morning exercise, we back to the tent for breakfast. After breakfast there is a game. The game is wide game, we must to hiking and there is post. Before hiking, we have to make anything from straw. Me and my group make a flower. Before we start the hiking, we got the briefing from the senior. And when were hiking there was 4 post. The most interesting post is post 3, in the post 3 we have to 'merangkak' and there was a lumpur. The hiking took 3 hours, and after that we back to the tent for change a clothes. And we have to go to the field for apel penutupan, after that we go home.

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