Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

On 27th of December i went to Yogyakarta. I went there with my family and my mom&dad friends. I went there by car. First, i went to Cirebon, now there is tol Cipali so its only 2 or 3 hour frrom Bandung. In Cirebon i only ate empal gentong because empal gentong is the most famous food in Cirebon so me and my family must to try the empal gentong. After that, we went to Yogyakarta. The trip tooks 12 hour. When were arrived we went to the hotel and sleep.

In the second day, we went to Unggul Ponggok. Unggul Ponggok is a place that use for snorkeling. But, when we arrived its so crowded, so me and my family were cancle our plan. After that, we went to bebek slamet for lunch and went to Keraton. We went to Keraton by becak. After from Keraton we went to Bakmi Pak Pele. The bakmi its so delicious. And we go back to the hotel.

In the third day, we went to the beach. I forget the name of the beach, my brother played sandboarding there, but was so hot, after that we went to Meapi. We went to Merapi by jeep. Its so attractive for me because offroad and its my first experience. We saw many destroyed houses because the eruptian. But the view its so beautiful so we take a picture. The trip tooks 3/4 hour. After that we back to our car and went to Semarang. When we arrived its 10/11 o'clock so we decided to go to the hotel. In the hotel i cant sleep because many people say the hotel its many of ghost.

In the next day we went to mesjid that look a like mesjid Nabawi. I pray at the mesjid. But when were on the way to the inside of the mesjid the floor was so hot. We take a picture there. And after that we have lunch and go to Lowong Sewu. But me and my mom didnt go inside because im afraid of ghost. After that we went home. When we were our way i only sleep because im tired.

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